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Garden Check-In, Week 6 & 7

April 27, 2010

Whoa, where have I been?! Cheese and rice- it’s been a long time since I’ve blogged!

Soooo, yeah. Here’s a quick garden check-in for the past 2 weeks:

2 weeks ago I harvested my first radish:

And then I harvested 7  more. There are still a bunch left growing in the garden. I also had an epic broccoli FAIL! I left for my mini-vacay to Myrtle Beach and when I came back one stalk of broccoli had gone to flower…BOOO! I went ahead and plucked the other one out of the garden before it flowered, but it was so small it wasn’t worth eating. Next year I will need to plant the broccoli earlier, before the weather gets too hot.

This past week I have had a bunch of these little guys in the garden:

Hopefully they will keep any pests away!

The tomato plant is preparing for fruit. Oh I can’t wait to eat some deeeeelicious tomatoes!

The lettuce is getting pretty big:

Since I had two empty squares where the broccoli was I went to Lowe’s on Sunday and bought a Japanese eggplant and some basil plants (to enjoy with the tomatoes, of course!) And BONUS-the plants were buy one, get one free!

Here’s a pic of the whole garden at week 7:

And totally unrelated to the garden…here’s a pic of my FAVORITE bush in our whole yard:

I believe it’s an indian hawthorne and it’s sooooo pretty for about a week every April. This picture doesn’t do it justice. It’s right next to my rain barrel so I get to enjoy it every time I fill up my watering can for my garden. Too bad it’s in our backyard where nobody else can see it!

Well, I’m feeling quite lazy today so I will be back tomorrow some food photos from the weekend. I cooked an AWESOME meal on Sunday. I think I’m also going to start updating with my fitness goals. Hopefully I won’t chicken out!!


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