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Garden Check-in, Week 5

April 11, 2010

The garden is doing great. This week I have not been visiting the garden as much as I have before…I’ve been so busy and stressed out!. Luckily we got some rain, so I didn’t have to water it as much, or else everything might have died.

This week I have noticed that some of the seeds I planted last week have sprouted-spinach, carrots and lettuce. The original lettuce is getting much bigger. I’m a bit concerned about the onions. They don’t seem to even be growing. I guess I don’t really know what they should look like; I might look into that tonight. Here are some exciting things that I found this week:

Strawberry! A little deformed, but still loved.

Radishes! Most of the tops of the radish roots are sticking out of the soil. I guess this means that they are ready to harvest? Another research project for me.

Not much else new this week. The tomato plant has some flowers on it and the peppers and cucumbers I planted last week seem to be making themselves at home. I’m sure I’ll be pulling some of the radishes out of the ground this week…how exciting-my first harvest of the year! I will need to decide what to put in place of the radishes when they are out.

Next week’s garden update will either be early or late depending on my schedule. We will be out-of-town on a mini (much-needed) vacation on Sunday!

Happy gardening!

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