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Go-To Meal

April 7, 2010

Hey hey hey! I was planning on posting this stir-fry recipe yesterday (when I made it) but we had a pretty big emergency at work, so I was away from the house for most of the evening. Good thing I got to come home and cook dinner though!

So, this is my go-to meal. I call it “stir-fry” but it’s not cooked in a wok (read: I don’t own one) and an Asian chef might not agree with the way I do it. But who cares! This is what I make when I have some form of chicken or pork thawed out in the fridge and no plans for it. Or basically, when I’m being lazy and want some good comfort food. It’s super versatile!

First I start out with a hodge-podge of vegetables…whatever is in the fridge that needs to be cooked. This time I used carrots, onions, mushrooms, broccoli, bell peppers and asparagus. I usually put zucchini or squash in it but we were out and I was too lazy to go to the store. (See, it’s so versatile..haha)

Add butter, oil or both to a pan (or wok) and heat it up baby!

In another pan, prepare your “grain.” You can use rice, noodles or whatever base for the stir-fry you want. Here I’ve used israeli couscous (a small, round, semolina pasta) but I frequently use rice or lo mein noodles-again, whatever I have in the house.

Just cook whatever it is according to the label.

Now back to the other pan…Add your meat to the hot oil/butter (or, alternately, skip the meat and just go for the veges!)

Flip it over…

When it’s done cooking (or mostly done) remove it from the pan. At this point you might need to add a little more oil/butter. Now throw those vegetables in that hot pan!

Cook them until they are crisp-tender. I just keep tasting them until they feel good in my mouth.

Now add the chicken back to the pan and throw in some soy sauce. Heat it all up together. (Sorry for the blurry picture…my food was steamy!)

By now the couscous (or rice or noodles) should be finished cooking. Fluff it up with a fork!

Not pictured here is me adding the soy sauce to the couscous. It’s because I was at the bottom of the bottle and was having to shake what I could out of it.

Now, there are two methods for putting this together. You can either add it all into one pan, mix it up and cook it for a little while longer together, oooorrrr you can just layer it into a bowl, which is what I did here… lazy go-to meal! We probably eat this once a week, although I could eat it more often than that. And the best part is that there are normally leftovers for lunch the next day!

It’s been a long couple of days, so I’m headed off to bed. I’ll be back tomorrow to share my new breakfast addiction!


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